Courses and Workshops

Most of the courses will be presented in Durbanville.

If you want us to offer a course in your own hometown, it is possible on prior arrangement.

Basics and Beyond

Master the basics step-by-step with an experienced professional photographer and teacher. Learn how to use the buttons on your camera, and to take full control over aperture, shutter speed, ISO, manual exposure, white balance and composition. Explore the creative possibilities of filters, flash, and various lenses.

Cellphone Photography

This one-session workshop focuses on the fundamentals of photography using a cellphone. It covers excellent cellphone camera tips, editing images, improving composition, and taking beautiful portraits. All of this is to assist you in becoming a skilled photographer.

Zooming In: Macro Photography

Macro photography is one of the most fascinating ways to capture the beauty in the simplest of subjects. In this workshop, discover seeing, and capturing, details you have never looked at before. In this one day workshop, you learn to take a close-up approach to what’s before you and to create uniquely individual interpretations of objects in the world around you. This workshop is a great, hands-on experience where you will create your own portfolio of macro photographs.

Portraiture Workshop

This workshop is about creating memorable portraits, using poses, specific clothing, and lighting that help emphasize the character and features of your subject. Street Photography will be included. You’ll learn what happens on either side of the camera. Any camera will do, including your cellphone camera.

Mahala / Free Session

This will be an interactive session on photography in general, cameras, lenses (and other accessories) as well as which editing software to buy.

Contemplative Photography

Contemplative photography is not a genre as is, for example, Macro or Nature photography. It has nothing to do with having the right lens or the best camera, but everything to do with the interaction of our inner being with the object in the viewfinder. Using the camera lens as an extension of our inner seeing, contemplative photography focuses attention and holds our awareness, making it an exercise in mindfulness.